Sunday, November 28, 2010

William S. Burrough + Gus Van Sant

burroughs,Beat Generation,obscenity,bohemian hedonists,cyberpunk

"In the fields workers are planting maize seeds under the direction of an overseer with staff and headdress. Close-up of a worker's face. Whatever it is that makes a man a man, all feeling and all soul has gone out in that face. Nothing is left but body needs and body pleasures. I have seen faces like that in the back wards of state hospitals for the insane. Faces that live to eat, shit and masturbate. Satisfied with the inspection the camera moves back to observe group patterns of the workers. They are moving through a three-dimensional film of the operation that covers them with a grey sheen. Occasionally the overseer adjusts a slow worker with his eyes." The Wild Boys: A Book of the Dead WHB

Gus Van Sant

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