Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Missing: Milano/South Of France/amseven Label

Traveling back in the day I had no real choice of what kind of spray paint I would use or if I even found any. I had no magazine name fame and could not get introductions until I would prove myself. I would do these ugly in-between throw up and piecing letters to show that I was more than a bomber. This was my calling card to who I was and where I came from to the local graff community ... This was the case in every town so I would use just about anything to get my name up: rocks, brush, stickers, chisels, and cheap spray paint (that was more like watercolors) You name it I used it. I would hang with non graff artists while painting and hoping to meet the local graffiti writers which in the end, not hanging with the graff heads, was a benefited to me as a person and to my art experiments...
December in Milano, 1994 with B'betch and Alice. "Potere Al Popolo"(Power to the People) Street bombing "With Love" and a Dedication to "Marie"
Brush freestyle in the south of France with Dew amseven and the Chaz Bojorquez script, 1992.
Back in LA circa 96 amseven Label, "Defenseurs De L'univers"

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